LOL I bet they'll add it to their list of 'why this thing is real' *SAD* that is the kind of thing they say when they present the nominees, why no mention of what they said of the others.
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I don’t even know what to say about it anymore. The idea that what you are seeing in the movie is a manifestation of real life is nothing more than an insult to Josh and Jen’s acting, honestly.

Lol everlark didn't even win!
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Now, let’s not acknowledge things that really happen!



Just prochoice things.

Alright you loathsome sack of ignorant fermented shit. 

Apparently you’ve never worked in health care so let me fill you in on something. 

Every quarter every heath care provider sets projections for different procedures so they can project the amount of staffing, materials and appointments they need to be prepared for. You would literally find this same type of thing in any health center in any state if they did better than the year before.

Secondly, your understanding of abortion and how it works is fundamentally flawed. Abortion is health care. It is legal and safe. You care more about a fetus than you do about people and that speaks deeply of your character. Personally, i wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire to save your life. 

And if you really look at this ‘award’ is obviously says that they performed more procedures than they did the year before. Do you want to know why? Because people like you are reducing peoples access to birth control, education and financing. 

I deal with people like you every single day. You’re ignorant, hateful and misguided by some misinterpreted religious fanaticism. You use misinformation, falsehoods and lies to emotionally manipulate and shame and terrorize people out of making responsible decision. 

You aren’t helping people. 

You’re terrorists. 

What you fail to realize is we all see how cowardly you are. You hide behind anonymity so spew your hate and vitriol all over the internet. No one is impressed. You’re a common internet troll. You’re basic, faceless and cowardly. And this is all aimed specifically at you, child. You know literally nothing about this subject. 

You know what i think? I think you’re some sad, lonely child who’s only hope of having any effect on another persons life is through this blog. You’ve never had any real, positive interactions with people so you think this is fun. You hold tenuously onto an existence that is pitiful and minimal. You hide indoors and troll people on the internet so you can get pats on the head from the very people that have been feeding you this ignorant blather all your life. Your pro-life merit points are all that matter to you and you’ve almost got them all. The only merit badge you’re missing now is the assault badge. But you’re too much of a coward to interact or have a conversation with actual pro-choice people because your arguments are played out, debunked and laughable. 

Just like your life. 

Those two together are like hot sex.

Comment by a speaker about Everlark at the MTV Fandom Awards (via frostingpeetaswounds)

Did the speaker mean the way Josh and Jen portray them or just the book character themselves?

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I’m pretty sure that’s visual the speaker got from watching Josh & Jen’s kissing scenes and from their super charged chemistry in the movie. From reading the book series all the feels I got is the love and the longing but the hot sex part I didn’t get until the beach kiss(they almost had sex in the book) and the ‘real or not real’ chapter. Therefore my view of the speaker’s comment is coming from after watching the CF movie.

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why is this even being analyzed right now…………. this isn’t rocket science



this is my favorite video of the year so far

looks like the devil won this round folks